I am a researcher at University of Stuttgart, part of TU9 (the alliance of leading Technical Universities in Germany), and PhD candidate, advised by Prof. Dr. Michael Pradel. My driving interest consists of applications of Data Science and Software Engineering to solve challenging problems. My research focuses on Explainable AI techniques to increase programmer's usage of machine learning solutions.


Previously, I researched on anomaly detection methods at CERN Cloud Team, where I laid the foundation of their first anomaly detection system togheter with PhD. Domenico Giordano. I completed my Double M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering (specialization in Data Science) at Politecnico di Milano and Technical University of Berlin as a part of EIT Digital Master School. I am naturally curious and I love to face challenging situations that make me grow.

Five years from now

My long-term objective is to convert innovative research results into products to assist software engineers in their work. In fact, in my spare time I love to reason on business plan ideas, stay informed about start-ups and participate in hackathons.

Passions for gender topics

I am also a big fan of gender equality topics and for this reason I volunteer as Local Leader Manager at Women@EIT.

I would love to see a world where our future daughters could feel in the right place even in an engineering class.
CV and Resume are shared upon request.