Elevator Pitch

I am a researcher at University of Stuttgart, part of TU9 (the alliance of leading Technical Universities in Germany), and PhD candidate, advised by Prof. Dr. Michael Pradel.

Research Interests

My research focuses on Explainable AI techniques to increase programmer's usage of machine learning solutions. I am excited by any challenging research ideas at the intersection of these topics:

I am also getting more and more interested in Quantum Computing.


I am super thrilled to start my first summer internship at GitHub, in the Copilot Model Improvement Team! (1st July 2022)

I am super excited to announce that our second paper "Bugs in Quantum Computing Platforms: An Empirical Study" was conditionally accepted at OOPSLA' 22 (Conference Core Rank: A)!
[paper] [dataset and code]

Our first paper "Thinking Like a Developer? Comparing the Attention of Humans with Neural Models of Code" got accepted at ASE' 21 (Conference Core Rank: A*)!
[paper] [dataset and code]